LupLab is a Computer Science Education (CSEd) research group, hosted in the Department of Computer Science, at the University of California, Davis, and headed by Prof. Joël Porquet-Lupine.

Our activities focus primarily on pedagogical and curricular innovation for teaching undergraduate computer science courses.

Most recent news

  • LupLab is recruiting for the upcoming school year

    LupLab is currently recruiting UCD students (master’s and undergrads) for the upcoming 2022/2023 school year, on a variety of projects. More information in the call for applications (only accessible with a UCD account).

  • Talk proposal accepted at iCSTW22

    Our talk proposal entitled “Evaluating group work in large CS classes” was accepted at iCSTW22 (2022 Illinois Computer science Summer Teaching Workshop), which will be held virtually mid-August!

  • Congratulations to the LupLab graduates of 2022!

    For receiving an M.S. in CS, congratulations to Garrett Hagopian (who is now thinking of a career in teaching!). For receiving a B.S. in CS, congratulations to Madison Brigham (joining Qualtrics), Noah Rose Ledesma (joining Google), Laura Hinman (joining VMWare), and Hikari Sakai (joining Amazon). For receiving a B.S. in CSE, congratulations to Kevin Peng (interning at Wind River) and Melissa Jost (interning at the NSA).

  • Noah Rose Ledesma gets best TA award from CS students

    Congratulations to Noah for receiving the best TA awards from the undergraduate CS students. Noah just TA’ed two of my classes this past year (ECS 150 in WQ22 and ECS 36C in SQ22) and did a terrific job so the award doesn’t really come as a surprise!

  • LupIO support in upstream gem5

    Two undergraduate students (Laura Hinman and Melissa Jost) successfully ported the LupIO collection of education-friendly devices to the research simulator gem5 last summer and their work has now been upstreamed. More details in this blog post.

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