Here is our status at the end of the winter quarter 2024.

  • Noah Krim and I are working on a big overhaul of VRV (Virtual RISC-V). Our first version was a fairly straightforward port of SPIM to RISC-V. In the second version, we almost reimplementing everything from scratch, and we’re making the emulation engine a separate project. The goal is to be able to eventually build an online interface for this emulator.
  • LupBook has seen a couple of merge requests. We now have a brand new “matching items” interactive component! Arnav Rastogi and Russell Umboh are working on an “horizontal parsons” interactive component. Jillian Lim is polishing her merge request for the inclusion of a navigation sidebar. Finally, Aiman made very good progress on implementing the saving/importing/exporting features.
  • Niharika Misal and Saili Karkare have completed most of the data analysis for our current CS study looking at the perception of success and actual success between native students and transfer students. We are now thinking of writing an academic paper.