Here is our status at the end of the fall quarter 2023.

  • Noah Krim and I completed the first stable version of VRV (Virtual RISC-V), our port of SPIM to RISC-V. VRV was successfully used by 170+ students in ECS 50 (our intro to computer organization course) during the fall quarter.
  • The work on LupBook continues making good progress. Arnav Rastogi and Russell Umboh are currently developing a new “matching items” interactive component. Jillian Lim is improving the navigation in the interactive textbook. Finally, Aiman Fatima is implementing some saving/importing/exporting features so that the reader’s work is not lost when the page is refreshed.
  • Niharika Misal and Saili Karkare, who work on our current CS study looking at the perception of success and actual success between native students and transfer students, successfully completed the inaugural UR2PhD program.