Here is our status at the end of the summer 2023.

  • Noah Krim was hired as a full-time intern at LupLab. He got closed to finishing VRV (Virtual RISC-V), our port of SPIM to RISC-V. By the end of the summer, the emulator engine was done and he was halfway through the GUI. We will use VRV in ECS 50 (our intro to computer organization course) in the Fall!
  • The work on LupBook made some good progress. Arnav Rastogi and Russell Umboh finished developing their multi-choice question interactive component, and Yusen Ma, an exchange student from Nanjing University via the UC Davis GREAT program, developed two more interactive components. He implemented fill-in-the-blanks questions, and parsons exercises. He received an award from the GREAT program for his work!
  • Niharika Misal and Saili Karkare, who will work on our current CS study looking at the perception of success and actual success between native students and transfer students, applied to the UR2PhD program and got accepted! This program is organized by the CRA and focused on engaging more women and gender-marginalized students into computing PhD programs.
  • With the help of Brian Nguyen, we were able to run the RISC-V implementation CVA6 on one of our FPGA cards. Next step is to test the few LupIO devices we implemented for CVA6 and implement the rest of the collection.
  • On my end, I’ve been working almost full time on xv88, a fork of xv6, which goal is to implement a simple but realistic operating system that I can use in ECS 150, our OS undergrad course.